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Secondary Poems

Published on the 8th of December with Austin Macauley Publishers. 

When I first tumbled into love’s embrace, every imperfection I bore was magnified.

I began to define myself by these blemishes, feeling an overwhelming urge to fade away.

At last, I embraced every tear and danced, unfurled.

Secondary Poems is dedicated to those who wait for their one love, the first snow, an apology, a sense of belonging, that family warmth, the falling leaves, to be asked to dance, a lullaby, flowers to bloom, the gloom to dissipate, intimate touches, the return of their inner child, a smile in the crowd, clouds shaped like butterflies, lies to cease, a fierce kiss, a sense of self, ground in the depths & those who left.

This book weaves a narrative that unveils itself progressively – each poem a stepping stone in a journey best experienced in sequence.

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Secondary Poems is currently available worldwide both in paperback and as an ebook.

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