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Jo Bahdo portrait

©Mara Manzolini

Hi! I’m Jo,

a writer, a slow reader and a regular cinemagoer.

I am the author of two poetry collections, Primary Poems and its sequel Secondary Poems. Some of my work has also been published by Sunday Mornings at the River, Beyond the Veil Press, and Querencia Press.

I am working on a third poetry collection and a memoir.


Of Aramaic origins but born and raised in Ticino in a polyglot working-class family, I moved to Zürich in 2016 to study English literature and linguistics and then completed a Master’s in Film Studies.

Since 2022 I’ve been co-directing the Swiss Youth Film Festival and since 2023 I have been part of the silent reading rave association.


Currently, I am trying to find a balance between work and creative projects while also practising being in the present.

To learn more about me and my creative endeavours: 

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