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Current Projects

Here you can have a sneak peek at my current projects. The best way to have the latest news is to have a Cup of Coffee with me. 

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you’d like to collaborate on something with me!



Non-fiction book

I want to write a book that in contrast with my poetry collections will not have an end in itself. Last summer (2023) I started the research for my first nonfiction book on the topic of rejection. 


Third poetry collection

Primary Poems and its sequel Secondary Poems focus on love and its absence, particularly in relationships with others. My third collection will focus on the relationship with my self and body. 

plants and books
Jo Bahdo portrait


A Season of Writing

The social media platform I am more present in is Instagram. With A Season of Writing I commit myself to show up as the writer I want to be for a whole season. Ninety-one days of writing and diving into other activities included in this complex craft: daydreaming, networking, researching, marketing, and reading. Follow the journey of the second edition - Spring 2024  #aseasonofwriting on IG.


Pathway Letters

The Pathway Letter is addressed to creatives and writers. It includes writing prompts, indication of where to submit next, and interesting articles I recently read. It's completely free and sent twice a month. Let's keep each other accountable!

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